Diesel Price in Muzaffarpur (Bihar)

07 Jun 2023
₹ 94.79 Per Litre
₹ 0.00

Currently, the Diesel price in Muzaffarpur (Bihar) is Rs. 94.79 per litre. In June of 2023, there was an increase of 0.00 rupees in the Diesel price in Muzaffarpur, which was the last time it had changed. Additionally, we would like to provide you with the most recent Diesel price changes in Muzaffarpur city for your reference. It is important to note that the Diesel price is inclusive of Bihar state taxes.

Last 10 days Diesel Price History in Muzaffarpur

Why Does Petrol Prices Change Every Day?

The petrol prices in Muzaffarpur change every day because of the dynamic nature of the crude oil market. The crude oil prices are determined by the international markets and they fluctuate on a daily basis. The petrol prices in Muzaffarpur are revised at 6 am every day based on the previous day's closing price of Brent crude oil.

The main reason behind the changing petrol prices is the constantly changing crude oil prices. The crude oil is bought and sold in international markets and the prices are determined by the demand and supply conditions in those markets. The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is one of the major players in setting the crude oil prices. OPEC sets the production quotas for its member countries and this has a direct impact on the crude oil prices.

The Indian government does not have any control over the crude oil prices as it is a deregulated item. However, it does control the excise duty and VAT rates on petrol and these taxes make up for a major portion of the retail price of petrol. The government has been trying to bring down these taxes to provide some relief to consumers from high petrol prices.

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What is current Diesel Price in Muzaffarpur?

current Diesel Price in Muzaffarpur is ₹ 94.79 Per Litre

How much Diesel Price increased in Muzaffarpur?

Today increased Diesel Price in Muzaffarpur is ₹ 0.00 Per Litre


As of today, the petrol price in Muzaffarpur is ₹ 94.79 per litre. This is a slight increase from yesterday's price of ₹ 0.00 per litre, but it is still significantly lower than the prices we saw a few weeks ago. We hope that this trend continues and that petrol prices continue to stay low in Muzaffarpur so that we can save money on our commute.

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